• Android App Development needs to evolve on iOs’s footing

    Android is an open source operating system developed by Google and this allows maximum customisation of the operating system itself which thus allows many 3rd party applications to be run easily. However, it may have outgunned the iOs of Apple Inc. in terms of apps sold and placed but Apple’s device and iOs is more popular as compared to Android.

    What can be the issue in terms of Android’s evolution when so many versions have been released so far? Truth is, many developing countries are still dependent on the Gingerbread version of Android which is quite an early version of Android. Since tablets and smart watches for Android were made later on, the screen size and system issues were prevalent between many Android devices as the operating systems were seldom updated. Android has released Kitkat, Lollipop and Jellybean versions of its systems yet the update feature is missing in most of them. 30.7% of global Android users use Gingerbread, 11.3% use Jelly bean, 21.9% use Kit Kat while 32.9% use Lollipop.
    Despite the fact that Android has benefitted greatly from rising numbers of customers and app downloads, the feature of operating system update is rare and needs to be addressed at all costs. Developers must ensure that the apps they will design for Android operating systems must be supported across all Android systems to ensure no consumer is left behind and that the app offers good performance as well. Android apps are made through Java language and on devices having Android 5.0 or higher versions to make good use of Android Runtime. Android Studio 1.5.1 is the official integrated development environment (I.D.E) and runs easily on Windows, OS X as well as most versions of Linux as well.

    For the Android App to thrive, the Android App Development Company must be reputed enough to be able to promote its android app with ease across the cyberspace and be able to monetise on it as well. The apps have to be published on Google Play with the developer uploading its APK as well as some screenshots, details, app description and the name as well. Also, the app has to be authentic enough to get more than enough downloads resulting in satisfied customers.

    What more should the Android App Development Company do as well? They should monetise the app by selling it on Google Play and if they want to sell it on Google Play, their App must have a price tag. The app can also be sold through Software Development Kit which can display banner ads and every time a user sees it or clicks on it, the app maker earns. Freemium apps are apps that are downloaded for free but special features as well as further versions of it can be purchased as well.

    Another issue Android needs to fix is the programming language on which it was built on. Meaning that developers need to improve the programming language and move on from Java in order to ensure that there are no functionality issues, Android is able to automatically update itself on time and that the system should not crash as well as prevent other apps from crashing as well. Groovy, Scala and Kotlin are good alternative programming languages for developing Android operating system. Also, Android needs to improve its database management system and link itself directly with Google cloud to allow the user’s smart phone data, apps and files to be saved on the cloud which can then be recovered later when the user has purchased a new phone or other mobile device.

    Another thing the Android App Development Company must do is that its apps should not be generic. If the apps do not have the features customers’ desire then that app will not be used. Though, developing an iOs app is more expensive than developing an Android app, Android apps are open sourced and allow modifications which somewhat results in total modification of the app thus reducing its value. Developers should ensure the originality of the app as Android Apps are developed easily by freelancers. To ensure originality of your app, consult App Socio today.
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