• Developing eye catching Android Apps

          Developing eye catching Android Apps

    Android is among the world’s most popular operating systems used in mobile devices around the world, with brands like LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Pixel and Nexus of Google, OnePlus and Lenovo among a host of many others that are using Android operating system. Android was first released on 23rd September, 2008 and is an open source operating system which is completely customisable unlike its counterpart, the iOS. Also, in comparison to the iOS, file transfer in Android based devices, especially smartphones are easy and calls & messaging is easier through the use of 3rd party apps. Though its latest release was in October 2015 and is available in 32 languages as compared to compatibility in 34 languages offered iOS and its latest release being in March 2016. Still, Android App Development has gained popularity around the world and is being practiced by many I.T firms worldwide.

    Android apps have a pricing advantage over their iOS counterparts and being an open source system, apps can be modified with mods which mean the gaming experience on an Android phone can be great. Games from leading game houses such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, EA Sports, Gameloft and Valve are available on both systems but Android offering them at much lower prices  (and sometimes even for free), Android App Development is rising proportionately with iOS app development. If you want to develop your App on Android and turn it into a catchy reality then visit App Socio today without hesitation.
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