• The Mobile App market today

    The Mobile App market today

    In the earlier days, the smartphones weren’t invented and computer software manufacturers were the makers of mobile phone games. With the advent of smartphones, Google and Apple led the way with Android and iOs respectively. iOs was a close end system that did not allow open source modifications easily whereas Android was open sourced and allowed dozens of modifications easily. Since Apple developed the iOs, Apple subsequently leveraged on its capabilities to create the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac PC and MacBook which rank among the world’s most popular devices used. Moreover, Apple allowed developers to use the Swift and Objective-C language and give software vendors membership to Apple’s development program. Google on the other hand, gave free hand to developers in developing the apps but many at times the apps were generic and often resulted in spyware and malware interrupting people’s phones resulting in viruses and Android’s overall perception getting hurt. In recent days, the ante for Mobile App Development just got up.
    Android pioneered in the market for free apps and continues to do so. Developing its apps became easy through the Java language and many freelance programmers since then have developed Apps based on the Android operating system using the Java language. Android has also released many versions of its operating system with Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Lollipop, Jellyfish and KitKat being in common usage. On the other hand, Apple’s iOs pioneered itself as a unique operating system which automatically updates itself with the course of time and also allows apps to run across all devices of Apple. If the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 have both the same versions of the iOs then whatever app runs on iPhone 7 will run on iPhone 6 with ease. Development of mobile applications has been rising considerably with the passage of time, and both iOs & Android are now aware of Windows emerging as a potentially possible competitor. Corporations around the world have moved on from Blackberry and have decided to move towards iOs, Android and Microsoft phones. Apple is the only brand that runs on iOs, Nokia is now under control of Microsoft whereas Motorola, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG, BenQ, Asus, Acer, DTEC, I-Mobile, HP, Sharp, Sony, Siemens, Toshiba, Lanix and Dell are using Android. Android’s usage has gained pace in developing countries due to pricing advantage and that Android apps are easily downloaded in developing nations. With Corporations and Business looking to develop their own software and apps on mobile platform, it has become imperative for programmers to learn programming languages of these 3 platforms. Microsoft has eased the phenomenon to an extent but Android and iOs have become more popular.

    Apple’s iOs itself has a direct link with Apple’s cloud server which automatically saves everything in the mobile devices in its cloud servers which automatically provides consumers an advantage over downloading their data in their new devices in case of any unforeseen event. iOs has the advantage of an improved user interface (U.I) as compared to Android and that the development process for Apple has improved greatly. Android lags far behind and is heavily reliant on writing SQL command lines to in its program development procedures and processes. Android is in dire need to improve its programming methods while Microsoft has designed its Windows O.S’s in ways that it is friendly on both laptops, Personal and Mobile computers.

    Microsoft has made a cloud server that allows its users to save their data on Microsoft’s cloud servers and that the programming interface for programmers has also been improved greatly as well. Microsoft programmers have improved the software development kits as well and have now started moving ahead in improving overall programming interfaces which will allows apps to run on all versions of Microsoft phones allowing direct sync with Microsoft windows without the need for a software to do the syncing. 

    It now lies in the hands of software companies to make the best of Mobile App Development and turn concepts into reality. App Socio is among the best firms in this regard and has done well over the course of time in Mobile App Development.

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